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Journals>Engineering & Technology >Advances in Civil and Environmental Engineering  

2014 Volume 1, Number 1

Mobile Phone Location Area Based Traffic Flow Estimation in Urban Road Traffic
Tamás Tettamanti and István Varga
Keywords: Mobile phone network; Location area; Handover; Traffic flow estimation

Small Hidden Object Identification through Bridge Weigh-in-motion Data for Security Purposes
Mijia Yang, Lutfur Akand
Keywords: Hidden objects; Weigh-in-motion; Truck-bridge interaction

The Evaluation of the Impact of Sewage Sludge Ash Modification on Leaching of Heavy Metals
Jolanta Latosińska
Keywords: Sewage sludge ash; Zeolitization; Heavy metals

2015 Volume 2, Number 1

Evaluation of Cacao Husk Ash Extract as Coagulant Aid in the Removal of Turbidity in Low Alkalinity Aqua Medium
Oladoja N. Abiola
Keywords: Coagulant aid; Cacao; Ash; Extract; Alum; Turbidity; Water treatment

2016 Volume 3, Number 1

Finite Element Method and Müller-Breslau Principle in Influence Line of Rigid Frame Bridges
Wen-jie Niu and Zheng-fang Dong
Keywords: Rigid frame bridge; Fully implemented FEM; Influence line; Müller-Breslau principle

Pipeline Maintenance Prioritization Considering Reliability and Risk: A Conceptual Methodology
Hieu Chi Phan and Ashutosh Sutra Dhar
Keywords: Pipeline Maintenance; Prioritization; Reliability; Risk; Failure Function; Deterioration Modeling; Weibull Function

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